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Announcing esports Tournament: The Bunker Royale (Fortnite)

POSTED BY Shanlon Gilbert May 13, 2019

That’s right, we’re kicking off esports with a one-day Fortnite tournament sponsored by the Peerplays Blockchain Standards Association (PBSA)!

The Bunker Royale

Party time, excellent!!


This will be our first esports event, and it’s going to be We’re talking:

$1250 in prizes amazing.

There are a few small rules to consider:

  • You must be physically present at the bunker for the event. No remote entries will be allowed.
  • You must be at least 13 years old at the time of the event to enter.
  • You can not be affiliated with PBSA or Enter the Bunker (sorry staff!)

How’s it gonna work?

If you want to enter, you have to register for a qualifier match.

Successful applicants are expected to arrive 30 minutes before their scheduled match. There will be no warmup period. Players may bring their own controller, mouse, and/or keyboard if they wish, but all games will be played on PC. No other equipment will be permitted.

The top 10 highest scoring players from those qualifying matches will proceed to the finals.

The top 3 win the prize pool. That’s right – there will be prize money at stake! In the event of a tie, play proceeds to total elimination. If the tie persists… the coin toss will decide the winner.


The Prizes

There are multiple prizes to be won!

1st place: $600

2nd place: $300

3rd place: $100

And that’s not all: there are challenges to complete as well, and each of them has a $50 prize! Stay tuned to find out what the challenges will be.

Amazing, when and where can I register?

Registration opens tomorrow (May 15th) afternoon and runs until May 21st.

Be sure to sign up to the e-news alert here and be the first to sign up. We will also share registration via our Facebook page, Instagram account, and website – including this post!

Wait- what is esports?

Pronounced e-sports, this is one of the fastest growing sports in the world: competitive video games.

Esports requires a huge amount of skill, concentration, strategy, and physical prowess. Your reaction times need to be tight, and your critical thinking on point. It’s a great way to foster teamwork, communication skills, strategic and critical thinking.

So practice your Fortnite dances and get ready for the rumble of a lifetime:

The Bunker Royale.

This one’s for the Millennials.

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