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Esports Galore! Duos tournament winners and our NEXT Fortnite tournament!

POSTED BY Shanlon Gilbert July 8, 2019

Thanks everyone for coming out to our second Esports tournament: Bunker Royale 2! All proceeds from the tournament are going to Debert Elementary tech fund to foster the next generation of coders, computer scientists, and web designers – and maybe even a few e-athletes.

We streamed the tournament on Twitch, and while the video feed was crisp and quick, it did go down for a bit in the middle there. We experienced some technical difficulties, but rest assured we have solved the problem and it will not happen again. To view the intact feed, visit our Twitch channel.


Winners met at the bunker

Congratulations to our latest bunker champions: team xoxo salted!

This duo placed first in Saturdays afternoon-long tournament. There were a lot of talented players on site competing for the $600 grand prize, but our reigning champs beat them all for the top spot.

bunker royale winners xoxo mason and SaltedToast45 with bunker owner Jonathan Baha'i at the second Bunker Royale esports tournament

Turns out the two talents met at the bunker at our last tournament, a solos tournament, where they placed first and second, respectively. Impressed by one another’s skills, they exchanged usernames and started playing together online. When they heard about the Duos tournament on July 6th, they decided right away to enter together, forming team xoxo salted. According to their parents they were online every night practicing to get ready for the tournament – and it paid off!

Way to go, boys!

Pictured above are just a few of the many fantastic players who came out to the bunker in support of Debert Elementary.

Going Solo

Alongside our Duos tournament we also held a first-come first-served solos mini tournament! For a donation of $5 players could compete in 2 solo matches, with the top score earning the prize of 13,000 VBucks. The solos match took even longer than the duos – because both xoxo mason and SaltedToast45 were competing, and we had to wait until they had finished all their duos matches before they had a moment to spare for the solos!

In the end, it didn’t make a difference: the prize for the solos mini tournament went to our very first player of the day! Congratulations to Caleb, who won himself 13,000 VBucks and a bonus skin! It was a long and tense day for Caleb as he waited to see if anyone could top his impressive score of 160. And some came close – the next best score was 125, from SaltedToast45!

Next Esports tournament

Think you have what it takes to topple the champs? Make sure you register for our next Forntnite tournament. It’s going to be bigger and better and crispier then ever.

Our next esports event has been set for August 10th. Mark your calendars – and be sure to sign up for our Esports-specific newsletter! You won’t want to miss registering for this competitive tournament.

We’re not sure what the format will be quite yet – duos? trios? who knows! – but we know it will be in teams. So reach out to some friends and get training – it will take skill and talent to beat team xoxo salted.

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