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Goodbye David, We’ll Miss You! Laser Tag Updates

POSTED BY Shanlon Gilbert April 22, 2019

We have some exciting (and bittersweet) news to share with you about our Laser Tag setup!

But first, a big, heartfelt THANK YOU to everyone who came out to Bunny Bunker! This was our very first event geared towards children and their families, and you guys knocked it out of the park! It was wonderful to see so many people at the bunker on Saturday morning.

We know things got a little chaotic – the weather didn’t cooperate so we had to fit things inside, we had so many people show up (again – thank you!!), and the bunker was chock-a-block full of excited, happy kids! We had a blast, and we’re excited to plan a bigger, better Bunny Bunker for next year (with more eggs and more egg-dropping!).


David, passing the laser tag crown on to the Bunker staff

David, passing the laser tag crown on to Bunker staff.

Goodbye David!

We are more than a little sad to announce that our laser tag partner, David with Aftermath Mobile Laser Tag, is leaving us. David is moving away to be closer to his family, and we want to wish him well! He has been a huge part of getting laser tag up and running at the bunker. He and his expertise will be sorely missed.

However, laser tag is not over! We know you love it, we love it, so we invested in a brand new Battle Rifle Pro laser tag system of our very own! The same high-tech system you love, in the same radical black box arena you know. And this summer we’ll be experimenting with outdoor laser tag on our brand new Paintball Arena! (More on that in a bit).  David is kindly providing training, so there won’t be any change in the quality of laser tag during the changeover.

laser tag players

New Prices, Same Savings

Now that the bunker has our own system, we will be implementing a few changes to the laser tag format. First – and most exciting of all! – the price is now just $20 a person, taxes IN! And, if you book 4 or more people at once, the price drops to $18 a person taxes in!

If you want to book an entire time slot, we’ve got a deal for you, too: to book out all 14 spaces (whether you have 14 people or not – that’s up to you!) the total price comes down to $225 total. Please note this does not entitle you to private lounge time – the lounge is for everyone! However, you are welcome to book one of our conference rooms if you would like to turn Open Night into a private party! We also offer private laser tag bookings any night of the week, complete with lounge and food – and will soon be able to offer Sunday time slots (staffing permitting)! For more information on private rentals, contact

Lastly, we’re rearranging our Open Play nights. Instead of Open Play and Rookie Play, we’re offering Family Play, for players of all ages, and Open Play, for more advanced players. And now you get one full, uninterrupted hour of play time! Players are welcome to relax in our lounge as long as they like before or after their time slot. Please be sure you bring your water bottle down to the arena with you! We don’t want anyone getting dehydrated with all that running around.

Bunker Paintball

In case you didn’t know, our Events Manager, Tyler Fields, is a paintball wizard (boom, song reference!). We know you’ve been wanting to play, so with his help, we’ve been busy putting together a paintball arena right here behind the bunker! This summer we’ll have a few days of tournament play on our brand new paintball field.

Since the field in Truro has closed down, the bunker has taken on the mantle of local league arena. The EPPL (Eastern Paintball Players League) will be coming to Debert to play a tournament at the Bunker field! The EPPL is the only competitive paintball league in Atlantic Canada, and offers the highest level of play available. There are three levels of play in EPPL: 3-man rookie, 3-man open, and the highest level, 5-man xball. These are some sharp shooters, so it is absolutely worth coming by to spectate. The side of the bunker makes a fantastic riser – bring up a chair and some snacks and watch some paintball!

Enter the Bunker is working with EPPL to put on a small tournament that is designed for newer player. In this tournament, equipment will be provided and covered by the cost of entry. So you don’t have to be an experienced player, and you don’t even have to bring your own gear to participate! Just yourself, your team, and your sense of adventure. This tournament is a revival of the old Armymans Rookie Series run by Tyler. This was held in Salmon River from 2012 – 2014.

More details to come over the next few months!

With the Hospitality Centre available for player accommodations just down the road, we hope this tournament will provide a boost of traffic for the Debert area, and local businesses.


Visit the EPPL’s Facebook page here.

Visit the Armyman’s Rookie Series Facebook page here (to be updated soon).


*Please note that this is an outdoor arena. There will be no – and I mean absolutely no – paintball or airsoft inside the bunker. This is a historic building, and an office building, and we will not put up with paintball or airsoft inside – the laser tag is awesome though, so we highly recommend checking it out! 



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