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We’ve got a brand-new escape room experience for you this week from Enter the Bunker, and we are so excited to share it! Pop-Up Mini Escape Room: Field Hospital is making its debut this Wednesday at Snowbirds Over Debert right here on the old CFS Debert airbase! The cost is just $5 taxes in, so make sure you bring a couple fivers with you to the airshow. The escape room will be operating from 2pm until the show starts, but will close once the show begins. The bunker will be open for the duration of the event, and we will have tours, laser tag, and full-scale escape rooms running – so stop on by! Make it a day you’ll never forget.

Before you test out our pop-up, you’ll want to get your head in the game. You’ve only got 10 minutes to solve this puzzle, so make sure you’re ready to go as soon as the timer starts!

1. Listen to your briefing

Before you begin the room you will receive a briefing from our staff. Make sure you listen! Not all escape rooms are strictly about escaping the room. Ours have detailed plots you won’t want to miss. The briefing gives you the context of the whole experience – without it, you may not know when – or if – you’ve found what you’re looking for.

2. Check under the rug

Don’t be afraid to really get in there and check every nook and cranny! It’s a small space – just 10’x10′ – so you should be able to do a thorough search pretty quickly. Just make sure you’re not wasting time puzzling over something when there’s a missing ingredient hidden under the rug that would help you solve the riddle!

3. Ask for help

Our game masters are there to help you if you get really stuck. They are ready to give you clues – but they won’t solve the puzzle for you. Where’s the fun in that?

4. Talk to each other!

An escape room is a social experience, but more than that you need to talk to stay on the same page! You don’t want to be wracking your brains trying to figure something out when your teammate already solved it and moved on. Plus you never know what perspective your mom might have that could completely change how you look at a puzzle. Moms do know everything, after all.

5. Relax, have fun

At the end of the day, it’s just a game! There’s nothing actually riding on this. So take a breath and just enjoy yourself!

After all, at $5 a person, you can always try again later 😉

Or head over to the bunker and tackle our full-scale escape rooms!

If you keep these in mind, you should have no trouble getting through our Pop-up Mobile Escape Room when it debuts this week! Remember: Not only will we be at Snowbirds Over Debert, we are also going to be at Celebrate Summer and Cheers to Summer! in Downtown Truro! So make sure you get out to these awesome local events.

Our Mobile Laser Tag will be making an appearance as well – weather permitting. The laser tag gear doesn’t like getting wet, so keep an eye on our Facebook and Instagram pages for updates.

See you Downtown!

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