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March Break Madness at the Bunker

POSTED BY Shanlon Gilbert March 18, 2019

March Break is upon us! That means day camps, museum visits, and generally trying to figure out what to do with the kids for a whole week while they take a much-deserved break from studying. It can be difficult to find enough activities to keep the kids busy without overburdening mom and/or dad with planning.

We’re here to help. We’ve got a full week of tours (educational!) and laser tag (active!) at the bunker for families to enjoy together. And, for this week only, laser tag is just $15 a person. Spaces are filling up so fast we have already added another hour of laser tag on Tuesday – so get your tickets fast!

But that’s just one day – two or three at most – of super awesome bunker fun. You’ve got five days to fill! What else can you do with the kids? What could possibly round out laser tag and a behind the scenes look at a top secret fallout shelter?

Well, they may not be quite as awesome as laser tag, but we’ve wracked our brains and dug into our history to find the best memories we have of March Break as kids. Sometimes making March Break memorable is as simple as…


1. Video Game Time

My mom runs a daycare, so as a kid I would spend my March Breaks at home playing with all my friends whose parents left them in my mom’s care. It was like my own March Break camp right there at home.

As I got older though, the other kids didn’t need daycare anymore, and I ended up helping to look after the other kids. But when I wasn’t helping out I was… playing Super Nintendo.

The good old days of the 90s, when you hooked up the grey SNES to the TV with those old screw-on cables. I’d get up, grab the first Donkey Kong Country, blow into the bottom of the cartridge, slot it into the console, give it a slap for luck, and flip that purple power switch.

I played through every Donkey Kong Country game in the series that week. It was great.

I’ve gotta play those again.




2. Cookies n’ Cream and a Game of Laser Tag

Hands down my favourite March Break memory is going to Crystal Palace. Remember that place? The indoor amusement park in Moncton? The one with the little roller coaster that went around the place and through a dark tunnel with glow int he dark pirates in it. The games, the rides.

We went a few years. My grandma would take me and my brother to Moncton and we would have the time of our lives. Grandma would pack us a lunch (is there anything better than lunch from grandma?) and we would stop off at this same little country convenience store every year we went. We’d get some drinks for the drive, and I would get a Hershey’s Cookies n’ Cream bar. Apparently some years our mom came with us, but I don’t really remember her being there. It was special time with grandma!

Actually, come to think of it, that was the last time I played laser tag before working here! A lot’s changed since we were kids. I remember Crystal Palace laser tag being a good time, but this system’s on another level. I’m going to have to play sometime this week to relive those good old days with my grandma and brother. For sure a fantastic March Break activity for the kids! If they’re anything like me, they’ll remember it forever.


(Shanlon: Kelly had the biggest smile on her face telling me this story – definitely a good memory!)


3. The Best Fort Ever

I was a Camp Kid over March break for most of my life. Everything from basic community centre day camps, to craft camp at the Halifax Clay Café, to some excellent theatre camps at Neptune Theatre. But some years I just stayed home with my mom and my big brothers and hung out.

One year, when I wasn’t signed up for anything, the week’s forecast looked… depressing. Rain, rain, sleet, and more rain. My mom had probably been counting on kicking us outdoors to play with the other kids in the neighbourhood – but what could she do now with three kids cooped up inside all week?

She had a brilliant idea. A plan that required minimal effort from her and dad, and gave us a world of opportunities.

My parents sacrificed their space in the garage for the week of crummy weather and gave us free reign. Mom went out and picked up as many cardboard boxes as she could find: Leon’s gave her an old refrigerator box for free, and she bought some moving boxes from UPS, some packing tape, and sent us into the garage with a pair of kitchen shears for cutting (my brothers are several years older and well equipped to supervise me with the scissors) and we put together the best box fort you ever did see.

It had multiple rooms. It had windows. It had flower boxes doodled on under the windows in Sharpie. It had hallways, floors padded with towels, a space where we could stand up and peek out of loopholes and throw nerf darts at each other. We played house, we played storm the castle, we had the best dang March Break of our lives.

And then, to top it all off, my genius of a mother brought out the pièce de resistance: A fresh roll of jumbo bubble wrap.

We lined the box fort with it, we danced on it, we sat in front of the TV in the evening after dinner as a family of five popping bubble wrap.

If I ever have kids, we are 100% having family box fort time. It’s a fantastic memory.




We hope these memories give you some ideas for your own March Break activities this week. Or at least that they bring back a little nostalgia for childhood, when you got a mandatory vacation at the end of winter.


If you’re interested in bringing your kids to the bunker for some laser tag or a tour – or both! Check out our schedule below, and book your tickets ASAP. Spaces are filling up quick!

March Break Schedule:

**NEW Monday March 18th – we’ve added two new time slots for Laser Tag! Tuesday and Thursday at 2pm, we have 14 more spaces available each day!

**UPDATE: 2pm Tuesday slot are already SOLD OUT! Get your tickets for Thursday FAST!

Get Tickets Now

Monday, March 18

10am: Tour

2pm: Tour

Tuesday, March 19

10am: Tour

11am: Family Laser Tag *1 TICKET LEFT!!

1pm: Family Laser Tag SOLD OUT

2pm: Tour

2pm: Family Laser Tag SOLD OUT

Wednesday, March 20

10am: Tour

2pm: Tour

Thursday, March 21

10am: Tour

11am: Family Laser Tag **50% sold!

1pm: Family Laser Tag SOLD OUT

2pm: Tour

2pm: Family Laser Tag

Friday, March 22

10am: Tour

2pm: Tour

5:30pm: Family Laser Tag

7:30pm: Adults Laser Tag

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