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Enter the Esports Bunker

Located in an old Cold War era nuclear fallout shelter, Esports Bunker is your new home for everything esports in the maritimes. Come play in one of our monthly esports tournaments and compete against other players for cash prizes. Can’t make it to Debert? Then watch the tournament streamed live on our Twitch. You can donate to affect the arena’s lighting, sounds, and more from the comfort of your home.

What is Esports?

The fastest-growing sport in the world. Esports is more than video games, it’s an incredibly popular and competitive spectator sport with players all around the globe. Esports players may not be on the same scale of celebrity as traditional sports heroes - yet - but they are just as much pro athletes. Competitive esports requires lightning-quick reflexes, incredible strategizing skills, and practiced teamwork. Athletes train their mind and body for hours each day, and the best of the best can net millions of dollars in prize money. There are even esports bars, just like traditional sports bars, where the latest tournaments are streamed and fans gather to watch their favourite players compete for titles. 

Esports is a global phenomenon - and Enter the Bunker is putting Nova Scotia on the map.

Bringing esports to Nova Scotia

Esports Bunker is the first esports arena in Canada east of Montreal. Located in Debert, just ten minutes outside of Truro and an hour’s drive from Halifax, the bunker is also easily accessible from New Brunswick and PEI. The central location makes us a prime destination for competitions and tournaments.

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