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Team Building events near Truro, Nova Scotia

Enter the Bunker’s suite of experiences is tailor made for team building events. Located just down the road from the Debert Hospitality Centre, our staff are available to create custom packages to meet your unique needs. 

Escape Rooms for cooperation and communication

Flex your team’s communication skills in this challenging puzzle experience. Your team must work together to solve the puzzles and escape the room within the time limit. This activity requires clear communication, creative problem solving, and teamwork to solve - the perfect activity for groups. 

Choose from our two escape room experiences 

The House at the End of the Street escape room

The House at the End of the Street is a 1970s true crime caper, set in the home of a serial killer. Your team has to solve the clues to find the evidence and the exit code so they can put the killer away for a long time. 

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War Games: USSR vs USA escape rooms

War Games: USA vs USSR provides an additional level of competition to your team building activities. Split your group in two and have them face off, solving clues, sabotaging one another and spying on the other room to determine who will be the new global superpower. 

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Laser Tag for leadership and blowing off steam

Our state-of-the-art laser tag setup isn’t just for kids. The Battle Rifle Pro system is a sophisticated multimedia experience that makes you feel like you’re playing a video game - in real life. If your team needs to blow off some steam, build camaraderie, or break the ice, laser tag might be the right choice for you. Some friendly competition never hurt. 

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Historic Tours to set the stage

Give your team something to talk about with a historic tour of our Cold War era nuclear bunker. This activity is perfect to set the stage for your team building activities, providing context for the building and giving your group a look at the workings of this declassified top secret military base. 

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Private conference rooms for workshops and more

The bunker has various spaces available for rent. If you want to make your team building retreat a full-day affair, consider renting one of our conference rooms. These spaces are perfect for workshops, presentations, and more. Contact us for more information on how these spaces could be part of your next team outing. 

Bundle experiences and save

By combining two or more experiences you can save money and enjoy more of what the bunker has to offer. Our staff are able to build a program just for you, including workshops, minor catering, and more. Our partners at Debert Hospitality Centre are able to provide meals, accommodations, and larger conference spaces for your event. 

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