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Summer is so close you can taste it! After this weekend’s beautiful weather, we are more excited than ever for our upcoming events. The bunker crew have put together some exciting new mobile experiences to celebrate the season, and we’re booked into some awesome local events!


As you’re probably aware, the Snowbirds are performing at the Debert airport next week!Also known by the more official title of “431 Air Demonstration Squadron,” the team was officially formed in 1971. The name “Snowbirds” came from a contest. The squadron’s history extends back to the second world war.

The Snowbirds will be at CFS Debert on Wednesday, June 19th, amazing crowds with their aerobatics. The Bunker will be open during that time to offer some shade and fun – Laser Tag, Escape Rooms, and Tours will be available. In addition, we will be debuting our Pop-Up Mini Escape Room: Field Hospital over at the airport! It’s the perfect way to get a taste of what escape games are like, and warm up for our full, permanent escape rooms inside the bunker.

And it means our team gets to see some sunshine.

Please note that the top of the bunker will be OFF LIMITS during the show, as the planes will be flying close to the hill. 


Once again, absolutely no climbing on top of the bunker during the show, please and thank you! 

Summer Street Festivals

Enter the Bunker is coming to downtown Truro! We will be at several of the major events this summer, hosted by the Downtown Truro Partnership. Catch us at the Celebrate Summer Street Festival on the 20th, and Cheers to Summer on the 21st, with our Pop-Up Mini Escape Room: Field Hospital AND our Mobile Laser Tag!*

Experiences are just $5 a person, taxes in, so bring a fiver and have a blast! It’s going to be a great time for all.

*Mobile laser tag is not water-friendly, so if the weather is uncooperative we will not be able to offer laser tag. The pop-up escape room can handle a little drizzle.

Sorry, What is an Escape Room?

So glad you asked!

You may have heard of Escape Rooms, but if you’re not sure what they are you can head over to our post Escape Room 101: How to Solve Your First Locked Room Puzzle Game to learn all you need to know to ace your very first locked room escape.

The short version is this:

An Escape Room is an immersive real-life puzzle game, typically with the goal of escaping from a locked room within a certain time limit.  Our rooms have different goals, based on the storyline: In War Games you play the military personnel trying to avert nuclear armageddon at the hands of your enemy (the USA or USSR depending which side you play). In Pop-Up Escape Room: Field Hospital, you play A Company recruits racing to identify a spy in the medical tent before you get pinned with the blame!

You don’t have to know any trivia about the setting, or search anything up online: everything you need to succeed is in the room. It’s entirely logic-based puzzles. And you will never be locked into the room for real. All doors out are unlocked, and you are free to leave whenever you like. So don’t worry, relax, have fun, and focus on solving the puzzles!

There’s so much happening this summer! The team is excited to bring you some new, mobile experiences and get involved in the local community beyond the bunker proper. It’s a busy week for us next week, and the weather is looking perfect for these fantastic events. We hope to see you at Snowbirds Over DebertCelebrate Summer Street Festival, and Cheers to Summer* next week!

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